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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly shoot y’all an update.

I am up to my eyeballs in training and trying to learn my job. I’m an attacking midfielder, or the “playmaker” as Coach Bob calls me. Love you, Coach… You stress me out though!! I just want to step back and say that the term “playmaker” puts a 500lb gorilla on my back! Okay, enough of me complaining… I’ve been grinding my skills for weeks!

Here’s my routine:

Tennis court training: I go to the tennis court and shoot over the nets into a 4′ pug. I have 3 pugs and take a pass, first touch setup, and then send it over the net. Then, I crush the wall at the end of the court and try to place it back to myself at an angle… Basically creating a triangle. I then place touch in the air the ball, try to receive it in the air, and then place it back in the air… basically juggling off the wall. (I need to improve here soooo much!)

Field training: I place a pass to feet on a run. Growing up, we use to pass it to the green in front of the person but now I am kind of like a quarterback. I do this to two wingers, left, they pass back, right, they pass back… It’s a crazy scramble but I’m getting pretty good with quick distribution. It’s just much more difficult to see them when we’re full sides.

My last thing with field training is my dribbling skills. I still need to improve here more. I’m fast, I’m pretty smart about it, but I’m just not aggressive enough. Coach Bob has started to press players on my back all practice, which is helping, but I still lean away from them when moving the ball. I’ll get there!

Weight training: I am the squat queen but this one crushed me!! Here was my routine today.

  • 15 deadlifts w/ weight increase
  • 30 reverse lunges
  • 20 back squats
  • 20 box jumps
  • 40 air squats

4 times through

On a side note, I’m trying to get part time job to earn some change in the piggy bank. Girls gotta shop! I also need to paint my room as it still looks like I’m 5 years old. Oh, and I need to plan college visits as soon as possible! Oh and I NEED to get to the beach or pool again before school starts next week!!


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2 thoughts on “My Job

  1. Bob Smith


    I promise not to stress you out anymore than you can handle. Keep up the training and hard work!

    It’s going to be a good season and you have a bright future!


    Coach Bob


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