Hey everyone,

So I’ve been down and dirty the hour I’ve been awake looking at scholarship sites.

I’ve found and was recommeded to try I then stumbled on and they have some pretty crazy scholarships!

Did you know there is a Dr. Pepper 100k scholarship?!?! They give away 1,000,000 each year! That’s pretty impressive!

Or how about a nudist scholarship? No joke! It’s based off of scholastic merit, involvement in school, community activities, nude recreation! Uhh… NOT THIS GIRL!

There are some other funny ones as well. From Peanut Butter and Jam scholarship for collecting for food banks, and a Starfleet Scholarship scholarship for those who are a member of Starfleet <huh?>.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be serious so let me get down to business. Here’s what I found that I need to do to start collecting some college $$:

  1. Whack through the simple merit based scholarships that don’t have financial aid requirements. (Pray my weighted GPA will meet the cut)
  2. Take the ACT. I found many scholarship combos that weigh merit, SAT, and/or ACT scores. Some combos just focused on merit and ACT so I can possibly clean up here.
  3. I’m going to my old coaches and assistant coaches and asking for: 3 letters of recommendations, 1 letter expressing my leadership awesomeness, and 1 letter demonstrating my team building skills.
  4. I need to write up a 500 word “why I need a scholarship” letter that demonstrates my hard work ethic, values, and plans for my future. <I need to plan for future first! Ugh!>
  5. I need to think of a major… This one is going to be the most difficult.

There you have it. My five step process to cover many of scholarship requirements so I can rinse and repeat my applications. So glad I took that college prep class last year!

I also think it’d help to volunteer but I don’t know how many hours I could realistically afford. I can hear my Mom’s voice now, “I’ve been suggesting that you volunteer for ages!” Yes, yes, I understand now but I think it’s honestly too late to be of use.

On another front, I still need to do my FAFSA form. I’ve opened the site but it’s very confusing. Actually, I have a theory that they make it as confusing as possible to prevent us common folk from completing the form and collecting all their aid! I’m on to them though and won’t let this stupid site best me.

Okay, I’m off to apply for this Dr. Pepper scholarship and to write 500 words about me. This blog was supposed to help with that btw.

*Update… I just read the Dr. Pepper requirement. “Tell us how you’ll change the world in 350 characters or less.” I’m going to pass here but I hope at least someone I know fills it out. I’ll vote for you!

Okay, I think I need to start at number 5 and declare a major. I’m sure it’ll change but I need to at least find something I can be passionate about enough to write about. I need to find a way to declare soccer as a major… Kidding, Mom. (if you actually read this)

Take care and thanks for reading! OH OH… If you have any tips on scholarships, go to my contact page and drop me an email!


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