First Week of School! Oh The Horror!

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted this week. School started and I’ve been very busy with school and practice.

We do a four class per semester system so in essence I take a full years’ worth of class in half a school year. The system has its plusses and minuses. Having the class for 2 hours versus 1 hour isn’t much of a difference so it’s nice to get a class out of the way quicker.

Homework is typically more intensive and I find myself bit rusty in core subjects like Math, and English. Thankfully I pick it up again pretty quickly but some struggle quite a bit.

The fields have been undergoing maintenance this week so we’ve been solely in the gym pumping iron! I feel like Arnold on the inside! “It’s not a tuma!” Most of my friends don’t get that joke though! Lol We’ve also doing cardio on the basketball court. I HATE SUICIDES!! At least it’s not 100 degrees inside.

So my schedule looks like this… I’m taking English 101, yes a college level class! Second, I have Student Services Learning (SSL), where I help one of my favorite teachers! Third, I have Phys Ed because I’m the Beautiful but Sporty Queen. Last, I have Calculus with a teacher I’m not too sure of yet.

All in all, not too shabby. English and Cal have already had quite a bit of homework and I have my first English project due in 2 weeks. L I’ll deal though.

I’m thinking about what to write next. I need inspiration to hit me!

OH OH, if you remember my last post about scholarships, my coach is putting me in for an athletic scholarship and I met a Shriner through a teacher that has a scholarship as well. I need to volunteer ASAP to demonstrate my “giving back to society” good will.

Okay, my down time before practice is almost done and this girl needs to kick some butt tonight!

I still need a job though. I hate being broke! HAHA Every time someone comes up to me, I’m finding myself scattered. I’m sorry this doesn’t read well. Next time, I’ll write it when I’m isolated from everything!


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