National Anthem

I know it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted and I do have a lot to fill you all in!

First, we’re having an amazing season! We should be making the payoffs if things continue to go the way they are and we have a great support system!

The purpose of this post is regarding one of my most favorite women and how my heart is now broken. Megan Rapinoe is like my idol and it breaks my heart to see her take a knee during the National Anthem. I totally get what she’s standing up (not literally) for and I agree that we as a nation need to be better people, but NOT for the National Anthem.

I’m 17 years old and I would never disrespect my country or my flag. I do stand up for inequality around the nation and believe that black lives matter. Why not express it in another way? Why not find a way to stand up for your cause without disrespecting others in the process? I have vets in my family and they are all besides themselves with this. On one hand, they understand and agree that there are grave injustices NOW in our nation. On the other hand, they fought for that flag and all of the good in our Country.

Find another avenue to protest and I’m right there next to you. #abetterway #saveourcountry


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