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My Job

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly shoot y’all an update.

I am up to my eyeballs in training and trying to learn my job. I’m an attacking midfielder, or the “playmaker” as Coach Bob calls me. Love you, Coach… You stress me out though!! I just want to step back and say that the term “playmaker” puts a 500lb gorilla on my back! Okay, enough of me complaining… I’ve been grinding my skills for weeks!

Here’s my routine:

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Soccer training after a summer break

We’ve been training for two weeks now and we already have 3 injured girls. I’ve done a little research and wanted to write something quick about what I’ve noticed and what I’ve read.


First and foremost, there is such a thing called¬†Detraining. I’ve never heard of this before today but the information I read seems legit and from many sites. Here’s what I read…

Periods of time greater than four weeks can start to be seen in various components of a player’s physical fitness. This is seen in sprints, strength, body fat, and even in flexibility.

So does that mean that our girls are getting injured from not being as flexible? Could be, but this isn’t the main reason. It’s actually all of the above.

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Welcome to my new website!

Hi guys,

Welcome to my new website, The Star Center! This site will document my senior year before college, my journey to getting accepted into a good school, and hopefully a scholarship. All in pursuit to becoming a great player.

My hero is Carli Lloyd, I love juggling, and hate defense. Thanks for stopping by and so sad about our Olympic girls losing!

By for now,